Educational Advancement Initiative

Sangita Malla
Sangita Malla

My name is Sangita Rana Malla. I like to introduce myself as someone who is passionate about the education of children around the globe. By profession I am an engineer who was born and raised in a small town of Nepal. I came to the United States with big dreams in my eyes but the dreams were not only for myself. I wanted fairness among the children. Education in Nepal is a cost that many families cannot afford. These children are left at home without food, supervision and education in poverty stricken areas. I wanted to do something to change the situation for these children.I came to the United States to pursue my masters. Immediately after I started earning money as an intern in 2006 I started sponsoring children’s education in Nepal. I started helping children in different ways and in different parts of Nepal. At the time three hundred dollars would take care of one child for a year with school, food and supplies. After seeing the children progressing, my desire to help expanded. My husband and I became parents in 2009 with a wonderful boy. This motivated us even further to help the children.

In 2015 when Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake taking more than 10,000 lives, several like-minded friends and I got together and decided to build our first school. The goal was to engage the children immediately and get them out of shock. We were successful at building the school with the help of fundraising events and individual contributions. This inspired us to formalize our group and register as a nonprofit we named Education Advancement Initiatives (EAI). This helped children go to school immediately in the earthquake affected area. We involved the community to offset some of the labor cost and physically help to build the school for the kids. In just over a year, we (EAI), have built three schools in Nepal and one is under construction. EAI has two more projects in line for this year. The details can be found on our webpage

The funds received from The Angel Gift will be used towards building educational infrastructure in remote places of Nepal. One hundred percent of the funds go straight to building these schools. None of the funds received will be used in overhead cost. We are extremely thankful and proud to partner with The Angel Gift. The extra funds will allow more schools to be built and help these children to receive the same opportunities as those more fortunate. As we continue to grow our dream is to expand into building computer labs in the schools. This will be the first opportunity for the children to use a computer.

My promise to you is that EAI will stay personally involved in the projects to ensure that the funds are spent where the donor has intended. The Angel Gift contributions will truly give children of Nepal a chance for a brighter future. We would not have shade today if our fore fathers had not planted trees in the past. We, collectively, can make a difference.